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Seeing is believing.......
Star gaze from the comfort of your bed and admire planets,
star constellations, shooting stars and black holes.
Created from specialist paints that are virtually undetectable during the day and incredible during the night.
Kids love this unique 3D effect.
Themed rooms including Star Wars, Fairies, Doctor Who etc.
Free 24" black light included.
As the night draws in lay back in the comfort of your bed and watch your ceiling literally come to life with shooting stars, planets, and other amazing effects. Using specialist paints imported from America that are completely safe to use and are the best paints on the market to help create these amazing visual effects. The paint also dries a milky white colour making it hard to detect during the day once it has been applied to a white or off white ceiling.
The star ceiling effect also appeared on DIY S.O.S and Nick Knowles was taken back by what he saw and said "I think this is absolutely astounding and of all the things we have ever done on the programme I think this is the cleverest and most beautiful thing."
The creator of the DIY S.O.S ceiling and myself both learned the skills and techniques from the same teacher.
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Painted directly on a white ceiling, and once charged the stars will shine brightly for 15 to 20 minutes then slowly fade away as your child drifts off to sleep. If you want bright stars again simply charge them up for 5 mins or so with the light provided.
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